Experienced Male Voice Talent Chuck Fresh

The voice you choose does matter.
Voice talent Chuck Graudins is heard worldwide for his deep, authoritative movie trailer voice and announcer voices featured in documentaries, movie trailers, radio commercials, in explainer videos all over YouTube, and in corporate training videos. But Chuck is more than just an announcer – he’s an actor too. The former radio and nightclub DJ once known worldwide as “Chuck Fresh” has been developing an entire stable of celebrity impersonations, guy next door voices, character voices, video game voices, and animation voices over the past thirty years. Chuck is one of the most versatile voice actors in the industry.

Another bonus when choosing Chuck is you’ll not only get a talented voice actor, but you’ll also get his services as a talented producer too. DJ Chuck Fresh has a long history as an award-winning DJ and music producer. Fresh masters most of his voice recordings for his clients, giving them a professional polish.

It took him quite a while, but Chuck now offers a stunningly close Morgan Freeman impersonation along with other celebrity voice legends including James Earl Jones (and Darth Vader), Casey Kasem, Don LaFontaine, and Bill Kurtis. These are undoubtedly the most respected announcer voices in the history of the voice over business, and can bring a certain gravitas and legitimacy to your project.

From cartoons to the guy-next-door, including old people, teenagers, commercial voices, film and movie trailers, explainer videos, podcasts, documentaries, audiobooks, intros, outros, and more, this talented voice actor guarantees you’ll get exactly what you want. Graudins records in his own professional digital studio for very reasonable prices with no added studio charges, so you’ll always stay within budget. Turnaround is usually in 48 hours or less in most cases for projects under 1,000 words.

Graudins has more than 30 years experience in the voice acting industry. Chuck has done cartoon voices for The Cartoon Network, an Australian accent for an Aussie clothing company, sang a country music jingle, rapped on a hip-hop CD, and even performed an Indian accent for a telemarketing training program that was used in India! Chuck fronts the country music project Jake McGrew and the alternative rock back Font.

Let Chuck do the talkin’ for you. The voice you choose for your project will convey confidence and hopefully inspire trust. It’s your human ambassador, so make sure it sounds exactly as you planned. Any project looks and sounds a hundred times more professional with experienced and capable talent. Inexpensive amateurs have flooded the market with a lack of energy, poor enunciation, and terrible acting skills. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong voice talent – a professional voice actor will make all the difference.

Tips on Hiring a Voice Talent. 
We get a lot of questions from newbies who have never hired a professional voice talent. Always get several auditions for your project, and have everyone on your team have a listen. Solicit opinions from all ages and levels. Today, with all those voice farm websites, there are thousands of male and female voices competing for your attention. Unfortunately, as you’ve probably surmised, only a small handful of them are truly talented. Chuck will re-do your voice several times until you think it’s perfect. Any reputable professional will provide a short custom audition and a brief note as an introduction that will state his or her terms and policies. Chuck would love to be a long-term partner to your production team.

Movie Trailer Voice and More.

Chuck Graudins has decades of experience providing voiceovers for the following projects:

  • Radio ads
  • Television commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate videos
  • Training videos
  • Explainer videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Trade show introductions
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Narration

Chuck also does several celebrity impersonations too:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Bill Kurtis from A&E
  • Billy Crudup, the Geico guy
  • Casey Kasem
  • Chris Berman from ESPN
  • Dick Vitale
  • Don LaFontaine, the movie announcer
  • Don Pardo
  • James Earl Jones
  • JK Simmons
  • Keith Jackson
  • Michael Buffer from WWF
  • Mike Rowe
  • Sam Elliott
  • Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter
  • Will Lyman from Behind The Music

Cartoon, Video Game, and Character Voices.
Surprisingly, there are very few voice talents who can actually act. When the radio industry consolidated in the mid-2000s, most of the DJs became voice talents – with one style, and one delivery. That’s boring! Like any acting assignment, this is a job. It takes a solid commitment for a voiceover to be intriguing and believable. Hours of preparation and rehearsals are required. As funny as this may sound, Chuck Graudins takes your characters seriously.

Chuck does a dead-on Spongebob voice. As a matter of fact, he can pretty much nail any character voice in any cartoon. Fresh does video game character voices too. From deep voiced military commandos to small cute little talking animals, Chuck has your voice talent needs covered.Kids projects, virtual school character voices, narration, kid voices for interactive products, talking books, DVDs, educational software, Pixar movie voices, cartoon voices, and many more.  If you’ve got an animated or stop-motion show or movie, before you call some overpriced Hollywood A-List celebrity voice talent, contact Chuck for a short audition. Here’s Chuck in the short “Horse Sense,” playing a wise old horse called Shotgun overseeing young love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i_mMLUed_s

Chuck grew up in North Philadelphia, then moved to New Jersey, then Virginia, and finally to the tourist capital of the world, Orlando, Florida. There are very few foreign accents Chuck hasn’t learned and mastered. From a stuffy British butler to a pompous French lover, to an angry Irishman or an even more irate German, Chuck has you covered. Also India’s Indian, Australian, Caribbean,  virtually any islander, and more!

Here’s a sampling of the character voices and accents that Fresh has done:

  • Pirate voice
  • Puppet voices
  • Cartoon characters
  • Video game characters
  • Old-time announcer
  • Over-the-top announcer
  • Santa Claus voice
  • Metrosexual voice
  • African-American
  • Australian accent
  • Caribbean accent
  • British accent
  • German accent
  • Irish accent
  • Jamaican accent
  • French accent
  • Mexican/Hispanic accent
  • Indian accent

You can order online right now! See the order widget on this page. Voices begin as low as $10. We accept checks, bank transfers, and all major credit cards via PayPal. Invoicing available for established clients. Contact us today for more information! chuck at chuckfresh dot com.